The AA-12 (or Auto-Assault Shotgun) is the second shotgun that the player can buy. It's very effective at sweeping large crowds of zombies.

AA-12 Store

The AA-12 In the Store


AA-12 Stats
The damage for the AA-12 is very high (Slightly less than the Winchester .12), capable of one-shotting zombies early on in the game. The AA-12 has a drum magazine holding 20 rounds with an extra magazine upon spawning, for a total of 40 rounds. The weapon has a decent amount of starting ammo, but should be used conservatively. Like the Winchester .12, its most effective range is close quarters. Instead of firing conventional bullets, it fires a cluster of pellets, known as buckshot, which spreads out at longer ranges. The AA-12 can be purchased for $15000 and sold for $3750.
Aa-12 Ingame

The AA-12 in game


The AA-12 should be paired with a long ranged weapon, like an Enfield or an assault rifle.

Aim for the head for the maximum amount of damage; this can kill a zombie in one shot for a very long time.

Never use this gun at long range, since you'd be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn.


The weapon in game is modeled after the real life AA-12.


The AA-12 in real life

In real life, the AA-12 can also have a 32-shell drum magazine or a 8-shell box magazine.