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The Ak-47 as it appears in the store.

The AK-47 is the ninth firearm available to the player, as well as the third assault rifle available. It costs $6000 and has good damage, decent reload and good sights. It is one of the best guns for medium level players, who are better than new

players but not the best. It is recommended that that the gun be used at later stages, after you collect enough ammo, as it's starting rounds are only 30 bullets with 30 more backups, and considering this is a very useful gun, it is advised to collect ammo for this gun.

Statistics Edit

The AK-47 has a very useful roll of statistics, making it a gun you want to keep, even in the later rounds. It has good accuracy, good damage and decent sights and reload. Usually, only medium level or even good players can obtain this gun, for it comes at a pricey $6000. It is one of the best all around, multi-purpose gun, while not having any particularly good features apart from the accuracy, it still is one of the most reliable weapons in the game. At the beginning of the game it takes two headshots to kill a Zumbi.  The ammunition capacity is thirty in a pre-loaded magazine with thirty in back up, the same as the Mp5.

The AK-47 costs $6000 in the weapon store and can be sold for $1500.

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The Ak-47s statistics.

Tactics Edit

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The Ak-47 as it appears in the game.

The AK-47 is suitable for use from the beginning even to the later rounds, although you might want to conserve ammo for the later waves. This weapon is very useful on Zumbi hordes, and can easily decimate Zumbis with high accuracy and good damage.

Trivia Edit