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Ammo Box is a spawn item that supplies ammo to a player's firearm.

Spawn LocationsEdit

The Ammo Box can spawn in any of the spawn locations.

Spawn LocationsEdit

  • Police Station
  • Mallmart
  • Behind Mallmart (not the alley)
  • Houses that can be entered
  • Storage Sheds
  • Few outside locations

Ammo Boxes can be found in Supply Boxes from the Radio.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • When picking up an Ammo Box when not wielding a firearm, the ammo will be distributed to the first firearm in the player's inventory (at the top of the list).
  • Ammo will only be distributed to only one firearm, not to all firearms.
  • When picking up an ammo box, the ammo obtained will be roughly one (1) magazine. The ammo box may contain:  greater than, less than, or the exact ammo amount of the standard magazine size of the player's firearm. This amount of difference depends on the size of the magazine.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Using firearms with low magazine sizes (Ex. Winchester 12, Enfield, M202-A1) excessively when you start/join a game isn't advised until you (the player) have obtained a significant supply of ammo for that firearm.
  • Ammo boxes are most advised for assault rifle, as picking up these boxes will wield a lot of ammo.
  • It is advised to scavenge ammo boxes in the day, earlier in the game. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED not to go after Ammo Boxes at night, since Zumbis might attack you from behind and quickly decimate your health.


  • Ammo Boxes are the most common spawn.
  • Ammo Boxes are the only item to not be placed in the player's inventory.
  • The important of Ammo Boxes decrease later in the game when more important supplies are more urgent, such as medical supplies or defences are more needed.