Bandages is a spawn item that heals the player for 10 health and removes the bleeding effect.

Spawn LocationsEdit

Bandages can spawn in any of the spawn locations.

Spawn LocationsEdit

  • Police Station
  • Mallmart
  • Behind Mallmart (not the alley)
  • Houses that can be entered
  • Storage Sheds
  • Few outside locations

Bandages can be found in Supply Boxes from the Radio.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Bandages heal 10 health.
  • Bandages are the only item to stop bleeding.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Bandages cannot be used on another player but can be dropped, picked up by other players and then used to stop bleeding or to heal.


  • Although Bandages are less effective at healing than MEDS, Bandages have the unique feature of removing the bleeding effect, making it an important item to have in the player's inventory.