BarbWire is a spawn item that places a barricade on a flat surface. Unlike the Ground Barricade and Sandbag, BarbWire damages Zumbis and players that make contact with it.

Spawn LocationsEdit

BarbWire can spawn in any of the spawn locations.

Spawn LocationsEdit

  • Police Station
  • Mallmart
  • Behind Mallmart (not the alley)
  • Houses that can be entered
  • Storage Sheds
  • Few outside locations

BarbWire can be found in Supply Boxes from the Radio.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • BarbWire deals 10 damage to players and can cause a player to bleed.
  • BarbWire is the only Barricade that players cannot destroy.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Placement in narrow passageways is usually the best idea. Examples:  Doorways, Alleys, between buildings and street signs/street lights.


  • Players can jump over BarbWire to overcome the barricade but will be damaged in the process.
  • BarbWire is one (1) of three (3) items that can kill players and Zumbis. The other items are the Bear Trap and the Vs-50 Landmine.
  • Of the three (3) barricades, the BarbWire is the longest.