Controls Cropped

Zumbi Blocks Controls in-game.

The Controls menu in Zumbi Blocks can be accessed in the Start Menu by going to Options -> Controls -> View Controls.

Controls ShownEdit

By default:

  • r,f,d,g to walk
  • Left Shift to sprint
  • E to interact (used to climb ladders and pick up items)
  • space to jump
  • 0-9 to switch items
  • h to drop item
  • c,v to lean

Hidden ControlsEdit

  • R to reload
  • I for Inventory (can rearrange items, except for wielded item; cannot drop items)
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim Down Sights (ADS)
  • Right Mouse Button to push
  • Mouse Wheel (Rotate) to rotate through inventory (0-9)
  • Mouse Wheel (Click) to place Flare or Glowstick in Belt
  • T to Chat
  • Escape for Options menu (Not a Pause button)
  • Escape to exit Inventory menu, Fullscreen, and Chat
  • Left Control to Crouch
  • Tab to display Scoreboard
  • Left/Right Mouse Button to push (while wielding a firearm and zombies are too close to shoot)
  • Control Button (Ctrl) to crouch (for steadying the sight).