The Deagle as it appears in the Store

The Desert Eagle (occasionally refered to as a Deagle) is the second purchasable pistol in the game. It deals the highest damage of any pistol but ammunition capacity isn't its strong suit.


The Deagle has the highest damage of any pistol, making it a fantastic choice for the player who wants to take down zombies fast. It is one weapon above the MP5. It has a low magazine capacity though, only 9 rounds per


The Deagle as it appears in game.

clip and with the usuall spare clip it's a total of 18 rounds at the start. Two shots to the head will take down a zombie meaning you'll get nine kills with the starter ammunition. This ranks the same as the Glock. Accuracy is decent, even at medium range but it still lacks the rate of fire and capacity needed to make it an effective crowd control weapon. It can be purchased in the store for $1500 and can be sold for $375.


The Deagle is best used in conjunction with another weapon with a higher magazine capacity like a sub-machine gun or an assault rifle, so as to counter-act the poor capacity of the Deagle.

Its poor capacity means that it will quickly run out of ammo. When it does, either find more or drop it to avoid carrying un-necessary items.

It is very important with this weapon to aim for the head, as you will need to reload after a short while so you want every zombie near you to be dead when you do.

Pair the Deagle with an automatic weapon which you can swap to if you get swarmed, so that you don't have to rely in the Deagle's poor capacity.


The Desert Eagle in the game is modelled on the Desert Eagle manufactured as a co-operation between the United States and Israel.

The Desert Eagle in real life.

In real life the Desert Eagle carries a seven round clip in most variants. The Deagle in game would have to chamber .357 magnum calibre ammunition as opposed to the standard .50 calibre.

The Desert Eagle in real life has an effective firing range of 200m, which is far superior to other pistols.