The Enfield (Lee-Enfield) is the only sniper rifle available in the game. The Enfield is the only weapon to have a long range scope attached.


The Enfield as it appears in the store


The Enfield has very high damage, and is able to kill a zombie in one shot to the head. It has the lowest rate of fire in the game. Each magazine holds 10 rounds and one extra magazine is given at the start, for a total of 20 rounds. With the starter ammunition, you can score 20 kills, assuming all shots are headshots. It's accuracy is good at long range compared to other weapons. The Enfield can be purchased $9000 and can be sold for $2250.

Enfiled Stats



The Enfield as it appears in game

The Enfield is best suited for longer ranges due to it's low ammo capacity and high damage.

It should also be paired with a automatic weapon, such as a SMG or assault rifle, so you don't get swarmed while reloading.

You should also crouch while aiming to steady your scope.

Always aim for the head to make the most efficient use of ammo.


In real life, the Enfield is a bolt-action rifle. In game, however, it is a semi-automatic weapon.


The Lee-Enfield in real life