It is possible to climb over the wall that surrounds the Zombie Town, using normal game-play! Edit

(note: this was played on alpha version 0.7.0)

You will need to play long enough to accumulate 7 sandbags. You might be able to do with fewer, but this is how I did it...

Once you have the sandbags in your inventory, you will want to start building over at the perimeter wall nearest to Mall Mark. There is a pavement slab up close to the wall, which has a gap. This will allow you to place alternating sandbags and use the small height difference to avoid having to jump the full height of a sandbag (which is possible but I find it very difficult).

When ready to build, make sure you've cleared enough zombies so they will not pester you, and if there are a few at other ends of the map a new wave will not start (assuming you're at a fairly high wave, which you will be by the time you have 7 sandbags).

-walk to the wall where the raised pavement ends.

-stand on the raised pavement

- place a sandbag on the lower pavement, perpendicular to the wall, and as close to the raised section as possible.

-jump from the raised pavement up onto the sandbag.

-place a sandbag, parallel to the first sandbag so that it rests on the raised pavement. This sandbag will end up being slightly higher than the first sandbag.

-walk onto the 2nd sandbag.

-place a 3rd sandbag on top of the 1st sandbag, aligned as closely as you can.

-you should now be able to jump onto the 3rd sandbag fairly easily, as it's not a full-height jump.

- keep placing sandbags in this fashion. You should finally end up standing on the 6th sandbag and placing a 7th sandbag on the other stack (1,3,5,7).

- jump up onto sandbag #7. From here it is possible to jump up onto the main wall.

- you'll see that there is a ledge surrounding the wall, and various platforms extending outward from the ledge.

- make sure your health is full before you jump down off the wall.


Showing escape location across from Mall Mark Edit


The pavement drop enables Hi-Lo build pattern to facilitate climbing. Edit


Vew from outside: So Long Zombies!!!!Edit


Good ol' Mall Mark. I'm homesick already. Edit


You can nearly circle the entire compound but there is an orange wall at one spot…. Edit


If you step off the platforms you will begin to float down….. Edit


Eventually Zombie Town fades from view and becomes but a distant memory. You can drop items and they'll shoot upward but then they begin to fall even faster than you and they will pass you again going down. My flare smoke trails behind me…. Edit

Morning finally came…. Can it be true; I am missing the zombies?Edit