The Glock as it appears in the store.

The Glock is the first firearm that a player will use. It is provided for free as a starter weapon and will act as a reliable firearm for large portions of the game. Players should become accustomed to using this weapon before upgrading it, for the skills are transferable.



The Glock as it appears in game.

The Glock has the lowest damage of all firearms in the game. It generally has poor accuracy but it is has the largest magazine capacity of all pistols.

The Glock takes four shots to the head to kill a zombie, which is quite poor. Rate of fire isn't particularly high, but as a semi-automatic weapon it isn't bad. Accuracy at range is shocking but up close it is an effective weapon. Sadly, due to its poor damage, if you get swarmed you are likely to need to reload before taking them all down. Four shots to the head is poor and so it is recommended to either avoid swarms or swap to an automatic weapon. It holds 18 rounds per clip, with one extra clip in back-up at the start of the game. The Glock costs $150 to buy and can be sold for $35.


As previously mentioned, the low damage will mean you are likely to be killed if you're swarmed. Remember that in early game, zombies are much slower than you, so just walking away will save you from being attacked, and shooting back will help to slim down the size of the hoard.

This weapon is best swapped out as soon as possible. Once you buy another weapon, when the Glock runs out of ammunition it is best to drop it to free up space.

Unless you have no other firearm, it is better to avoid picking up ammo for the Glock, and instead you should drop it when it runs out of its 36 starter rounds.


-The Glock in the game both acts and looks like the Glock 17, which is an Austrian pistol chambered in 9mm ammunition.

The Glock 17 as it appears in real life.