The Glowstick is a consumable that can be bought in the Weapon Store, found in S.O.S (Radio) dropboxes, dropped by backpack zumbis, and can be dropped by other players.

General InformationEdit

The glowstick is a consumable that can be thrown to illuminate an area during the night (or day) period that occurs every around every other 10 minutes and lasts for roughly 10 minutes. The glowstick can also be placed in the player's belt to illuminate the area around the player.


  • When placed in the player's belt, the range of visibilty is slightly reduced than just holding onto the glowstick.
  • The glowstick has a life of five (5) minutes when thrown and a life of three (3) minutes when placed in the player's belt. The glowstick has an unlimited life when just wielded.
  • When placed in the player's belt, the player is unable to be unnoticed by crouching (using the "Left Control"). The player alerts Zumbis just the same as regular walking.
  • Aside from the color of light and lifetime, the glowstick functions in a manner identical to the road flare.