The GroundBarricade is a spawn item that places a barricade on a flat surface.

Spawn LocationsEdit

The GroundBarricade can spawn in any of the spawn locations.

Spawn LocationsEdit

  • Police Station
  • Mallmart
  • Behind Mallmart (not the alley)
  • Houses that can be entered
  • Storage Sheds
  • Few outside locations

The GroundBarricade can be found in Supply Boxes from the Radio.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • GroundBarricades can be stood on.
  • GroundBarricades will block zumbis but will also block players.
  • The GroundBarricade can withstand 10 shots from the AA-12.
  • All Barricades cannot be destroyed by explosions.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Placement in narrow passageways is usually the best idea. Examples:  Doorways, Alleys, between buildings and street signs/street lights.


  • GroundBarricades are too tall to jump onto from level height, the player has to jump from a higher elevation like rooftops of buildings.
  • GroundBarricades can stack upon each other and also on other Barricade items.