Health (commonly known as HP or hitpoints) is a numerical measurement for calculating the amount of life a player has left. If a player has 0 health, the player dies.

Altering HealthEdit

Losing HealthEdit

Players can lose Health by:

  • Being attacked by Zumbis
  • Explosive radius from Grenades, V-50 Landmines, and rocket launchers. This damage can be from other players as well as the own player.
  • Contact with Barbed Wire
  • Falling from "high" altitudes (players can receive small damage from the top of small buildings by running off of the roof)
  • Bleeding (explained in the next Section)

Gaining HealthEdit

Players can gain Health by:

  • Using MED or Bandages consumables
  • Being resuscitated by another player in Multiplayer (the player has full health after a successful resuscitation).


Players can receive a bleeding effect from being attacked by zombies or from coming in contact with Barbed Wire. Players will have their vision become red and will fluxulate between bright and dim contrasts. 

Players who are bleeding will lose small amounts of Health up to 20 over a period of time. The only way to stop bleeding is to use the consumable Bandages, which also restores 10 Health.


It is actually possible to be brought down to 0 health and not die. This is a rare phenomanon, but is likely due to your health value being slightly above zero but still not high enough to be counted as 1%. You will be killed in one hit however.