The Ingram Mac-10 as it appears in the store.

The Ingram Mac-10 is the first sub-machine gun that the player can buy (and likely to be the first weapon that they buy). It is a relativley poor sub-machine gun, but it is useful in early game as a crowd control weapon.


The Ingram will deal the same damage as the Glock , but due to its much larger magazine capacity and rate of fire it is far more effective in close range.


The Mac-10 as it appears in game.

It takes the same number of shots to the head as a Glock to kill a zombie (four) but it has a much larger magazine capacity and rate of fire. Accuracy 

at long range is almost non-existant and even up close it is not an accurate firearm. Never the less, it compliments the Glock well, providing the player with effective close range fire support whilst the Glock can help to control hostiles at range. Small swarms can usually be taken down with one clip, but larger groups may require a quick reload. Each magazine holds 35 rounds with the standard one back-up clip of another 35 rounds, giving it a total of 70 rounds at the start of the game. It can be purchased for $200 and sold for $50.


The accuracy of the Mac-10 is hideous at medium to long range, even when ADS, and so players should switch to a more accurate weapon for engaging at range.

If not controlled properly, the recoil on the Mac-10 can cause a large number of rounds to be wasted and thus burn valuable ammunition which is hard to replace in the early game.

It is recommended to control your fire in bursts of 2 or 4 for individual zombies, so that you don't waste ammunition.

The Mac-10 should be upgraded as soon as possible, seeing as most other sub-machine guns have far superior accuracy and damage. If you have other automatic weapons, this weapon is best dropped when it runs out of rounds.


The Ingram Mac-10 in game has the same name and appearence as the Ingram Mac-10 made in the United States.


The Ingram Mac-10 in real life. Notice that the clip is much shorter than in-game variant.

In real life, the Mac-10 holds only 30 rounds standard per mag. It is possible that the Mac-10 in the game either fits an extended round or their was an error in making the weapon.

The Ingram chambers 45. ACP rounds, which is larger than the 9mm rounds used in the Glock. However both weapons deal the same damage.