Mall-Mark Front Cropped

In front of Mall-Mark.

Mall-Mark supermarket is a building in the game that most players will know when said.


Mall-Mark has three (3) rooms:  One (1) large room for the front entrance and two (2) smaller back rooms, the room on the left has an exit into the alley behind and to the left of Mall-Mark.

Spawn LocationsEdit

Spawn items will spawn in all three (3) of the rooms, mostly in the larger room.

Mall-Mark RooftopEdit

  • On the roof of Mall-Mark
  • On the roof of Mall-Mark
  • On the roof of Mall-Mark.
  • On the roof of Mall-Mark

It is possible to stand on the roof of Mall-Mark. This however, takes a very long time and requires the use of several barricades used for steps.