There are nine melee weapons in Zumbi Blocks. Furthermore, they are separated into two different types, Blunt and Sharp. The types affect their in game capabilites. The weapons are named: 'Pipe Wrench ($30) (Blunt)', 'Weak Flashlight ($500) (Blunt)', 'Kitchen Knife ($750) (Sharp)', 'Cleaver ($750) (Sharp)', 'Baseball Bat ($1000) (Blunt)', 'Aluminium Bat ($2500) (Blunt)', 'Machete ($3500) (Sharp)', 'Fire Axe ($7000) (Sharp)', 'Crowbar ($7000) (Blunt)'. The Weak Flashlight can also be obviously used as a method of lighting.

Melee weapons store

All of the melee weapons as the appear in the shop.

Blunt WeaponsEdit

Blunt weapons are some of the most useful weapons in the game. Due to their being blunt, they are able to knock enemies back and stop them from attacking you. This is useful if you are being swarmed to stop the enemies from easily destroying you.

Some tactics are to use this at the beginning of the game to conserve ammunition while you stock up.

Sharp WeaponsEdit

Also known as 'Not Blunt' weapons, can be used to deal more damage but have less effectivity because they are unable to knock away enemies. Even so, they can be used effectively when you know what to do. The tactic I prefer to use is a hit and run tactic. If you don't know what that is, it is if you attack an enemy and then back up. This action is repeated until the enemy is dead. The only problem with this is that the enemies usually are able to hit you when you attack them.