The Mp5 is the second Sub-Machine Gun that the player can buy. It is a relieable weapon, appearing just 


The Mp5 as it appears in the store.

after the Ingram Mac-10 which makes it a useful asset for any  player looking to improve their arsenal. The skills that are learned with this weapon are mostly transferable to most other rapid fire weapons including assault rifles.


The MP5 as it appears in game.


It has slightly higher damage than the previous two weapons, the Glock and Ingram Mac-10, both of which do the same amount of damage. The MP5 carries a 30 round magazine and the standard extra 30 in back-up giving a total of 60 rounds at the start of the game.

3 shots to the head are all that is required to take down a zombie, making it brilliant for crowd control, with 10 kills per magazine each if every shot finds its mark. Accuracy is acctually good, even at medium to long range, however it is better to avoid this unless you have a plentiful ammunition supply. The 60 rounds that you start with will quickly evaporate if not used correctly so it is recommended for newer players to always carry a pistol or other firearm in secondary. The MP5 can be purchased for only $1000 dollars and can be sold for $250.


The accuracy of the MP5 is one of its better qualities, being a low tier sub-machine gun. At medium range it is still an effective weapon.

The sights on the MP5 are terrible and a new player will have trouble using them effectivley, but once they gain some experience then they can be used to good effect.

As with all rapid fire weapons, it is recommended that you fire in bursts. Bursts of three will maximize ammunition efficiency.

This weapon is effective on its and some players will just use the MP5 in early game. This is an effective technique, as the MP5 is a very good early game weapon and it enables the player to conserve the amunition of his more valuable weapons.


The MP5 in game is modelled of the real life Heckler and Koch MP5 manufactured in Germany. The variant

The MP5 in real life. Note the adjustable stock.

in game appears to have a fixed or collapsable stock, however most MP5 variants come with an adjustable one.

Whilst 30 rounds is standard for the MP5, it also comes with 15, 32 and 40 round box magazines or a 100 round Beta-C drum magazine .

The MP5 fires the same 9mm ammunition as the Glock but does more damage. This is likely due to a higher muzzle velocity.

The MP5 has a slower RoF than the Mac-10, which makes the ammunition last a little longer.