The SG as it appears in the store.


The SG as it appears in game.

The Sig Sauer SG (other than being very annoying to spell) is the first assault rifle that can be bought by the player, appearing after the Winchester . Being an AR, it is a very useful general purpose weapon.


The SG has higher damage than the Mac 10 and the MP5 whilst maintaining rapid fire capabilities. The SG holds 30 rounds (with 30 in back up), equal to the MP5, but the higher damage means that you can make 

better use of the ammunition. Two shots to the head will kill a zombie at the start of the game meaning fifteen potential kills before a reload if every shot finds its mark. Accuracy is good, making it ideal for close and medium range, and a skilled marksman can use it effectively at long range. It is recommended not to use this weapon later in the game, as the damage will quickly drop off later on and make it an ineffective weapon. It is recommmended to carry a pistol or sub machine gun in back up. The SG can be purchased in the store for $2500 and sold for $600.


It is best to use this weapon at close to medium range, but it  can be used at long range if you're a skilled marksman.

Whilst the sights on the SG are okay, they are not fantastic. The rear aperture is too high (it should reach the centre of the front aperture) and this can make it quite hard to accuratley shoot.

As with all rapid fire weapons, it is recommended to fire in bursts, in this case bursts of two.

This weapon is effective in the early game, but later  on becomes hard to use as the zombies become more plentiful and tougher. If you have better weapons, then drop the SG in exchange.


In real life, there are actually two variants of SG, the 540 and the 542. Both are very similar and are likely 


The SG 540 as it appears in real life.

the real life equivelants of the weapon depicted in game.The Sig Sauer in game is fully automatic, but in real life most Sig rifles are select fire, including the 540 and 542.

The 542 in real life is actually a battle rifle.