The Tommy Gun is the eighth firearm available to the player. It's main pro is the ammunition capacity that it carries as most statistics leave something to be desired for. It is recommended that this weapon be used early on in the game as it will run out of ammunition quickly later on due to its reduced damage.

Statistics Edit

The Tommy Gun has a roll of very low statistics causing it not to be a useful asset for most of the game. It has very low accuracy, less than that of the Glock, this means that it can't be used for long range fighting.

Tommygun stats

The Tommy Gun's stats in the weapon store.

As can be seen the damage leaves something to be desired for and a new player may be forgiven for thinking that this is compensated by the ammunition capacity. This is not quite true as: the damage is so low that it takes so many shots to kill a zombie that it is about as effective as any other fully automatic weapon. At the beginning of the game it takes three shots to kill a zombie with a headshot.

The ammunition capacity is fifty in a pre-loaded magazine with fifty in back up. This is due to the very popular rendition of the Tommy Gun with the drum magazine.


The Tommy Gun as it appears in the game.

The Tommy Gun costs $5000 dollars in the weapon store and can be sold for $1250.

Tactics Edit

The Tommy Gun should not be used later on in the game unless found in a radio drop or to use up the ammunition due to its low damage. Because of this con it is not recommended that you try to thin out a horde with this weapon.

It is recommended that you quickly swap out this weapon with a better one or to skip it completely.

It is the most useful in the early game.

It is recommended that you pick up ammunition for other weapons instead unless this is your only weapon.

It is quite good at close-medium range due to its rate-of-fire.

Trivia Edit


The Thompson as it appears in real life.

Tommygun mag

The Tommy Gun's real life magazines.

-The Tommy Gun in real life is actually called the M1921A1 Thompson.

-It is chambered in .45 ACP

-It is a US sub-machine gun

-It could fit a 20 and 30 round stick magazine, and a 50 and 100 round drum magazine but the M1 and M1A1 models do not fit drum magazines.

-Very used by gangsters on movies.