The Winchester as it appears in the store

The Winchester .12 (or Winchester) is the first shotgun that the player can buy. In early game stages it is very effective at killing hostiles but its two round capacity limits its effectivenss at thinning large crowds.


The Winchester as it appears in game.


The Winchester has very high damage, capable of killing a hostile in one shot to the head in early game rounds. The first shotgun in the game, is double barreled, meaning that it only holds two rounds per clip and 


with the usual extra clip in backup it only starts with four rounds. Due to the lack of available ammo boxes in the early game it makes a poor choice as a starting game weapon. The weapon has reasonable accuracy but at long range it is a poor choice. The rounds the Winchester uses are not the same as most other firearms. It fires a cluster of small pellets known as buckshot, which spread out over a large distance. A tight cluster of this buckshot at close range is what gives this weapon its power, but at long range you'd be lucky to score a single hit to the head.